Tanned woman with lotion or tanning product on her back

Spray Tanning Products

Tanning products come in a wide array of types, quality and prices. Price and quality are not always synonymous, but oftentimes you do get what you pay for. At Park City Spray Tanning we have seen almost every tanning product on the market and over the years have narrowed down the list of favorites to what we feel are the best combination of quality, price and effectiveness, in short, the best products and the best values.

If you would like to know more about the products we recommend or would like to buy some for yourself or a friend, just drop in or give a call…we’re here to help.

Remember: To get the best results from your spray tan, use products correctly, i.e. according to the directions, and you will find it easy to maintain that perfect glow.
Using an exfoliant, will remove dirt, remaining make up, lotions, deodorant and dead skin. So your skin will ready to help your tan develop evenly.
Using a daily moisturizer will help your skin stay hydrated which keeps your tan looking even all over and lasting longer.
Tan Extenders
A tan extender will nourish your skin, while prolonging your tan with a little color until your next spray tan.
Tanning Sprays
Our favorite sunless tanning spray is alcohol, fragrance and paraben free. 
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