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Hi! My name is Michelle Kraft and I have been living in Park City, Utah for since 2009.

I love being outdoors. I enjoy all the things Utah has to offer... and, I have been spray tanning for over 10 years.

I have always been a sun worshiper, whether I was on the lake, river, or growing up on the beaches of San Diego, in fact, I lived in Coronado California, the most beautiful beach in California, where most afternoons would find me out enjoying the sun and sand. I have always loved the feeling of how I felt having that great sun kissed tan! For almost all my life I have been well known for how tan I was during the summer. Even in my old yearbooks from middle school, and high school…there is not a single page in there which doesn’t have friends making comments about my tan.

Well, we all know that too much of a good thing is not good for us and, after reading about the research of the damage sun can do, I knew I needed to change my sunbathing habits. I watched a news story on television one day about young teenagers who were being diagnosed with skin cancer, and they were getting younger and younger every year! With all of the dances like homecoming, prom, winter formals coming up, they all wanted that sun kissed glow. I too was guilty of laying out anytime the sun would shine or going to the tanning beds to keep my tan going.

So I started doing research on spray tanning and I fell in love with the idea. No longer would I have to wait for the sun to shine, or go back and forth to the tanning salon, aging my skin and creating wrinkles. In fact, I became such a believer that I started offering the service to my friends…and that’s how Park City Spray Tanning came about.

Imagine, within minutes, anyone can get that nice bronze glow. And with proper care, it will last from 10-14 days. Best thing, you don’t even have to leave your home. I come to you! This is great for busy schedules, people with children, or those last minute events where you want to look your best…right now! Not only is it safe, convenient and looks great for anytime of the year, you’re not frying your skin and aging before your time!

Try it today, thank me tomorrow.

Michelle Kraft

PS: We also serve the Salt Lake City area with spray tans!

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